5 Reasons to Ditch your Batch Tanks

You read that right. It’s time to ditch your batch tanks. Whether your cultivation has 300 or 15,000 gallon tanks sitting around, it’s time to ditch ‘em. Upgrade your cultivation process and TAKE BACK YOUR SPACE.

Below we’re covering five reasons you should ditch your batch tanks. We’ll talk about utilizing space, options to create more recipes, ways to ensure precise nutrient delivery, how to free up staff time, and the newest technology in fertigation. Let’s get rolling!

What’s a batch tank? 

A batch tank in the cultivation world is a holding container that typically stores large amounts of water and nutrients or a recipe. Batch tanks can range in size from 10 gallons to 100,000 gallons. One large tank can hold a single formula that can then be pumped to your grow room to feed and water your plants. Once emptied and cleaned you can then refill and mix a new recipe. 

Batch tanks have been the go-to method for feeding your cannabis the nutrients needed to grow healthy buds for years. We are stoked to report that technology has evolved to allow updates to the batch tank routine. Insert AUTOMATED FERTIGATION.

What is Automated Fertigation?

Automated fertigation is the process of pumping nutrients into water lines to feed your plants. This newer technology gives you the ability to schedule, mix, and deliver nutrients to your plants at the push of a button (or even from your phone). Newer, on-the-fly systems, such as the Paragon, are reducing the amount of space batch tanks require, offer unlimited recipe combinations, free up staff time, and ensure your plants get exactly what they need when they need it. 

The newest fertigation techniques automatically mix and deliver your formulas on the fly which makes your current batch tank process outdated and over-complex.

Check out the five reasons to ditch your batch tanks NOW:

1. Space

Batch tanks take up space in your facility that could be filled with more plants. A 300-gallon tank can take up to four feet of floor space, and a 15,000-gallon tank can take up to 14 feet of floor space. Multiply that by ten tanks, add in space for your amps and pumps and you’re looking at upwards of 1,000 square feet of space to use your batch tanks. 

Each wasted square foot is losing your cultivation revenue. It’s time to turn that square footage into some dope buds by ditching your large tanks. 

2. Limited Recipes

We know that you know you can only have so many batch tanks, and only one recipe per tank. Measure, mix, pump, repeat. New fertigation techniques are now allowing you to have unlimited recipes ready on the fly. 

Pumping nutrients directly into pipes, watering your plants, and flushing the system all at once is a dream- that’s come to life! Upgrade your nutrient delivery process and jump into 2022 fertigation techniques.

Pump up to 16x’s more recipes daily with new cannabis fertigation. 

3. Optimize Staff

Your greenhouse team is valuable, they’re like family, and they’re busy. Free up their time to do more important things than manually mixing and pumping your canopy. Let them trim, test soil, check environmentals and whatever else you need them to do to increase your bottom line. 

By ditching the batch tanks and switching to automated fertigation you can schedule your feedings from your phone and get real time updates on nutrient delivery. Stop relying on your staff to ensure your plants are getting what they need. Reduce the stress that comes with one person overseeing the nutrient process. As your operation grows, so should the way you fertilize your crops.

4. Maintenance

With batch tanks, recipes can be stored for an extended period of time before that tank is empty. Then they must be cleaned before the next batch is mixed. Cleaning batch tanks is a huge chore. If not done properly it can negatively affect your next batch, and then your flower. Biofilm and other harmful pathogens can develop when these tanks aren’t cleaned thoroughly and often. 

These problems and so many more come with batch tanks. By completely eliminating batch tanks you free up more time in the greenhouse, have the ability to deliver unlimited custom recipes to your operation, and ensure that your plants are getting precisely what you requested of your plants.

5. New Technology

You read it here first, people. There’s a new way to fertilize your plants and it’s truly powerful. Eden Water Technologies based in Las Vegas, NV built the first ever automated fertigation system alongside some of the biggest growers in the states. 

The Paragon is REVOLUTIONIZING fertigation. 

We’re talking 18 nutrient pumps to deliver unlimited recipes. Computer automation to schedule, measure, and accurately deliver nutrients. PLUS it only takes up 8 square feet and eliminates the need for batch tanks. It’s next-level fertigation.

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