Eden Water Tech’s Transformative Impact on Belushi’s Farm with the Paragon Fertigation System

Jim Belushi outside Belushi's Farm


In the heart of Shelbyville, Illinois, an extraordinary transformation took place at Belushi’s Farm, thanks to the expertise of Eden Water Tech. With their cutting-edge water treatment solutions and efficient installation process, Eden Water Tech helped revolutionize the farm’s irrigation system in a record-breaking 12 days. This blog dives into the remarkable journey that brought together two industry leaders, highlighting the installation of the Paragon fertigation system and the incorporation of the revolutionary Moleaer technology. The incredible collaboration between Eden Water Tech and Belushi’s Farm was also captured on the renowned Discovery Channel show, “Growing Belushi,” where Nik, the president of Eden, showcased their groundbreaking work.

The Challenges:

Belushi’s Farm faced several challenges in their quest for improved irrigation and water treatment solutions. The farm’s existing systems were outdated and inefficient, requiring an immediate upgrade. With crops suffering due to inadequate irrigation and nutrient delivery, the farm needed a comprehensive solution to optimize their agricultural practices.

Eden Water Tech Steps In:

Recognizing the potential to transform Belushi’s Farm, Eden Water Tech partnered with the renowned farm to implement their cutting-edge water treatment solutions. Known for their expertise in agricultural water technology, Eden Water Tech developed a tailored plan to address the farm’s specific needs and ensure a seamless installation process.

The Paragon Fertigation System:

One of the most significant contributions by Eden Water Tech to Belushi’s Farm was the installation of the Paragon fertigation system. This state-of-the-art system integrates irrigation and fertilization, allowing precise nutrient delivery directly to the plants’ root zones. The Paragon fertigation system optimizes resource usage, enhances crop growth, and increases overall yield.

The Moleaer Advantage:

Another groundbreaking addition to Belushi’s Farm was the integration of the Moleaer nanobubble technology, a water treatment solution provided by Eden Water Tech. This innovative technology harnesses the power of tiny bubbles to improve water quality and increase dissolved oxygen levels. The Moleaer system enhances nutrient absorption, improves soil health, and maximizes crop productivity.

A Short Deadline Achieved:

Despite the complexity of the project, Eden Water Tech demonstrated their efficiency and expertise by completing the installation within a remarkable 12-day timeline. Their dedicated team worked tirelessly, ensuring minimal disruption to Belushi’s Farm operations while efficiently implementing the state-of-the-art water treatment solutions.

Nik and “Growing Belushi”:

The remarkable collaboration between Eden Water Tech and Belushi’s Farm caught the attention of the Discovery Channel, leading to their feature on the popular show “Growing Belushi.” Nik, the president of Eden Water Tech, showcased the cutting-edge technologies implemented at the farm, explaining the benefits and the positive impact they had on crop growth and water resource management. The episode served as a testament to the groundbreaking work achieved by Eden Water Tech and its commitment to revolutionizing agricultural practices.


The journey of Eden Water Tech and Belushi’s Farm in Shelbyville, Illinois, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the field of agricultural water technology. By installing the Paragon fertigation system and incorporating the revolutionary Moleaer technology, Eden Water Tech successfully transformed Belushi’s Farm, boosting crop yields, improving water resource management, and laying the foundation for a sustainable and efficient agricultural future. This remarkable achievement not only elevated the farm’s operations but also caught the attention of audiences worldwide through their appearance on “Growing Belushi.” Eden Water Tech’s commitment to excellence and their expertise in water treatment solutions continue to pave the way for a more sustainable and productive agricultural industry.


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