16x More
Recipes Daily

16x More

Recipes Daily

Is your cultivation team struggling to keep track of watering and fertilizing your plants? Do you have drums sitting with recipes waiting to be used?

Let Eden Water Tech help. The Paragon can make 16x more recipes daily! Get rid of your batch tanks, take back your square footage, and watch the Paragon automatically make unlimited formulas on your schedule. 

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MEET THE Paragon

MEET THE Paragon

Lighten Your Work Load

Hand-Mixing Nutrients

Stop paying people to hand mix and feed your plants. The Paragon does it automatically, on your schedule.

Uneven Distribution

It's time to ditch the batch tanks. Allow the Paragon to send nutrients directly to your plants on the fly!

Stressin' about Formulas

With 18 nutrient pumps, the Paragon gives you the ability to have endless formulas with no sitting nutrients.

We’re Revolutionizing Fertigation for

The first-ever automated fertigation system that’s designed specifically for cannabis. Built for cultivators, the Paragon can feed and water an entire facility with fewer pipes, less square footage, and unlimited recipes.

#ThePoweroftheParagon can be found around the country, inside some of your favorite cultivations, and producing beautiful buds. Get the Eden Team to your facility today.

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